Youth and Clubbing

youth-and-clubbingIt is a fact that the majority of club goers fall are people under thirty. Most of the young people are know to be avid club goers. Why is it so? It can be explained through psychological reasoning. When one is young, one has the mental and physical capacity to experience high energy moments at a greater level. One is seeking high energy environments to stimulate the production of adrenaline and dopamine.

It is also because the young have less responsibilities or are still exploring the career path. There is a lot of time in hand and a whole new world to explore out there. The clubbing culture is particularly fascinating because it offers the opportunity to party and meet a range of people.

The electronic dance music movement is fueled by the youth as the majority of the people who are attending these EDM festivals and listening to this music are very young. What is it about the electronic music, clubbing that attracts the youth? It is the rhythm, bass, beats and tunes. The EDM music is usually based on drop techniques wherein there is a major drop in an entire song. It is known for uplifting the spirit and mood of the person who is listening to the song. The music is also amazing for dancing and dancing in itself is quite a fun activity. It has therapeutic results as well.

The culture of clubbing is youth-oriented but it can’t be stereotyped. People of all ages and professions like to enjoy the atmosphere of a club. They might not club as often as the younger generation which makes the experience of clubbing even more special to them. All the demarcations related to age when it comes to clubbing might sound too harsh, given that it does not represent everyone and this varies from country to country.