The Social Element of Clubbing

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the-social-element-of-clubbingClubbing is a social activity but not necessarily everyone in the club is there to socialise. A range of people come to clubs with different agendas, therefore, certain soft skills like being courteous, friendly and tolerant are necessary. Interaction in clubs with people is an art in itself because each individual is unique. People can tell if you are genuine person or not on the basis of your code of conduct.

To imbibe into the social element of clubbing, understand that every individual is there to have a good time. So, don’t ask too personal questions or pile on your behaviour on them. It is always give and take in any situation, so introduce yourself and try laddering. Build up an environment of authentic conversation based on your findings about the person. For example, if the person says that they like listening to music, ask them what sort of music they usually listen to, and so on. Be genuinely interested in their answers.

Authenticity is the best way to indulge in establishing relationships. Avoid being pretentious. Just be yourself and you will be surprised to notice that the other person automatically feel comfortable in your company.

Clubbing has always been part of the social structure, it is just that the ‘term’ clubbing and the ‘space’ related to clubbing came into existence much later. People have been networking and creating a social culture since a long time. The core of the clubbing is the same as the core of celebrating festivals or important events which is to bring people together and create a shared social space.

A lot of individuals have a negative attitude towards clubbing because of the stigmas that come with it. However, in the end, clubbing is nothing but a group of people trying to have a good time.