How to Include Your Study Abroad Experience on Your CV

Studying abroad is the highlight of many students’ college careers. The culturally and educationally enriching experience often sets them apart from the crowd. However, many people are unsure if or how they can list their study abroad experience on a professional curriculum vitae. The answer is yes, you can, and it could be in any number of places.

There are three places on a CV where you can highlight your study abroad experience. The first spot is the Education section. The recommended way to highlight it is to make the international study its own section under education. Place it below your current university by name, whether it was a university or a program. Be sure to include the city and country! Then under that, list coursework from your international studies that are relevant for the job or internship for which you are applying. 

If your study abroad experiences included internships or service work of some kind, the second spot where you could put it is in the Experience section. Put your activities in chronological order, and make sure you include the city, country, the dates, and your duties. 

The third ideal spot to highlight your time abroad is under Skills or Interests, in some cases. Did you pick up any language while living in your host country? Include it under Skills! You can also slip in that you’re interested in international travels if that’s part of your CV. There are so many ways to highlight your experience abroad!