Chasing the Ambience

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ambience-of-the-clubThe ambience of the club matters a great deal in shaping up your clubbing experience. There are different kinds of club goers who prefer different kind of club atmospheres. Most of the clubs have an edgy feel to it where there are a combination of disco lights that give the signature feel of being in a disco. At times, these club also add to the atmosphere by releasing non-harmful fume through the smoke machines which alters the vibe and adds to the feeling of celebration through music. It can be majorly experienced in large scale commercial clubs. The ambience of a commercial club is edgy, indeed.

If one is looking for something chill and relaxed, opting for Boiler Room gigs might certainly be preferable. Boiler Room is a concept where the artists DJ and represent their music in a slightly different fashion. The vibe of the gig is rather atmospheric and relaxed. People can groove, socialise, and enjoy their drink at the same time.

Most of the artists, along with DJ ing, try to play an instrument live, thus upgrading the feel of the night. Listening to live instrument along with pre-recorded music is quite enthralling. Each artist has its own style and technicality with which it plays the music and creates the ambience. Boilers rooms are absolutely great ways to unravel, relax, and spend time listening to good music.

Lastly, even jazz clubs regularly host live jazz gigs and it is wonderful to listen to jazz instruments being played live. In fact, attending a really nice jazz gig is a rare phenomenon. So, watch out for jazz clubs in your city and whenever you get a chance, do make yourself experience the charming vibrations of the jazz instruments.

Ambience is also a matter of company, so make sure that you are in a circle of good friends.