5 Things to do When Studying Abroad

Studying abroad offers far-reaching benefits. Immersing oneself is a wonderful way to learn about a people, its culture and terrain. Here are a few things to make sure you do when spending time abroad.

  • See the sights. Take the time to stroll the museums and learn about local landmarks. The history and cultural background can help you understand the country and their citizens perspective. Explore nearby countries and expand your horizons by understanding the relationships between them.
  • Learn the language. Should the program be taught in English, it can still be beneficial to learn the formal language as well as current vernacular.
  • Locals appreciate the effort, and it can make the rest of your stay more enjoyable.
  • Celebrate locally. There are many festivals and holiday celebrations in most European countries. Sampling festival food, music and traditions can be an excellent way to get to know people and understand the culture.
  • Keep a journal to document your experiences. Whether it’s tagging Instagram pics, blogging or writing it all on paper with mementos stuck between the pages, it will offer an opportunity to look back and remember the experience.
  • Live like the locals. Use the same transportation and markets that they use. It enables you to engage with the community and helps you feel more at home.

There are many new experiences on the horizon for students that study abroad. Taking the time to learn about the host country from the local perspective can lead to a new understanding of the culture and friendships that last a lifetime.