5 College Parties That Will Make You Want To Change College

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Whether to study in the UK or the US is an extremely important question for many international students looking at their options. There really is no text book answer to the question. In surveys, American employers rated UK degrees highly. They valued the learning styles, the subject specialisation and the focus on independent study. Employers in the UK also rated graduates from America, with the Colleges being held in high regard and an understanding of the culture being beneficial in global business. For all of our shared history and similarities, the UK and the US are extremely different lifestyles and so are their colleges.

shutterstock_139152893Maximise your employment options

In American colleges, students study a wide range of subjects in their first two years. This allows them to pursue possible interests before deciding how to specialise for the final two years. It also provides additional experience in important core subjects, like Mathematics. This can be very beneficial for student career prospects. Recruitment by large companies directly from the American colleges is also very proactive. By demonstrating that you are confident enough to study and adapt to a new culture, you can also improve your employment options. The more skills and experience you have, the better your prospects. schoolapply.com can help you make the right choice for your future.

Work hard and play hard

All students who work hard need to play hard too. If you are finding it difficult to make that final choice, maybe you should consider the social life on offer. The annual U.S. Best Party Schools, rank colleges by “access to nightlife and musical events, and creativity when planning social gatherings”. The Top 5 colleges in 2015 were: Ohio, Iowa, Florida State, Tulane and Illinois. Remember, in the US, these are not just parties. A recent Virginia campus party featured a 60-foot water slide, 10 fiesta flotillas, rock climbing walls and almost 3000 dollars worth of alcohol. Why not experience a different culture, see the world and have a ball!