How to Include Your Study Abroad Experience on Your CV

Studying abroad is the highlight of many students’ college careers. The culturally and educationally enriching experience often sets them apart from the crowd. However, many people are unsure if or how they can list their study abroad

5 Things to do When Studying Abroad

Studying abroad offers far-reaching benefits. Immersing oneself is a wonderful way to learn about a people, its culture and terrain. Here are a few things to make sure you do when spending time abroad. See the sights.

All Students Just Want to Have Fun

Moving away from home to attend College or University is something that many young students look forward to. Many do so with the intention of developing a party lifestyle while maintaining stellar grades. Some are able to

Safety During the Wee Hours of the Night

Drinking and clubbing doesn’t have to be a dangerous activity, you can still have an active and fun filled life and stay safe all the time, especially if you are doing it into the wee hours of

Dressed to Impress: Cute Clubbing Outfits

Clubbing in campus is one of the best ways to have fun, pass time and interact with friends. The trick, however, is always in finding the perfect outfit. As with most things clubbing, this doesn’t take a

Your Club of Choice: The Vibes that Matter

In order to meet the needs of such a dynamic and diverse modern culture; clubs, pubs and bars have been expanding the availability of mixed atmospheres at exponential rates. Music and party culture go hand in hand,

5 College Parties That Will Make You Want To Change College

Whether to study in the UK or the US is an extremely important question for many international students looking at their options. There really is no text book answer to the question. In surveys, American employers rated

Youth and Clubbing

It is a fact that the majority of club goers fall are people under thirty. Most of the young people are know to be avid club goers. Why is it so? It can be explained through psychological

Clubbing as a Mechanism to Relax

There are various ways in which human beings relax themselves after a mundane routine. Some exercise, some go for a swim, some head to a spa, and some go to the clubs. It comes as a surprise

The Social Element of Clubbing

Clubbing is a social activity but not necessarily everyone in the club is there to socialise. A range of people come to clubs with different agendas, therefore, certain soft skills like being courteous, friendly and tolerant are